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Domain problem

16/03/2014, 22h31
Few days passed and nothing happened..
I got 2 tickets, no one answer..
The chat is always offline...Phone number doesn't work for me...


They (ovh) claim to be one of the best datacenter but at support they have to work alot...

I did everything and my domains are still not working.
Will my problem be fixed somehow or i will cancel all my services here?

15/03/2014, 14h15
Citation Envoyé par Daniel60
Hav'nt you read this :, specialy "Multidomaine pour un domaine externe" ?
But i'm curious...
In my namecheap account, what DNS should my domains have??

Because here i'm kinda confused..
Should they have my OVH domain dns or the shared hosting dns??

I mean: Primary DNS :
IP :

Secondary DNS :
IP :

OR -

Thanks alot

15/03/2014, 13h57
Hav'nt you read this :, specialy "Multidomaine pour un domaine externe" ?

15/03/2014, 13h41
I have some problems..

I just bought webhost from OVH and as i see i can't use my old domains...
The webhost is : Type of service: perso2014
I bought the domains from somewhere else not from OVH and i want to use them in my OVH webhost...

I've readed all the methods how to point them to my ovh webhost but nothing worked..

So in my main domain i got and as DNS Servers...

As i readed somewhere, for the domains wich i want to transfer i must put and

I did that, allready passed 2 days...

After i set my DNS of my domains (in my case in namecheap) how i put the domains to work with OVH?
I tried multidomains...still nothing...

When i did the multidomains i can't use any option.

Waiting for some help...The support team didn't respond on my chat available, i can't call the number from website..