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BUG: App overwrites Manager settings

22/10/2013, 13h49

Because my French is not too good, i'm posting this in English.

The Android App is great but has 1 annoying bug. When you have 2 numbers in your account, the APP overwrites the outgoing number you've set in the manager everytime you make a save in the app.

I've set that when I do outgoing calls, my ported number is displayed. This works, but as soon as I make a save in the Android App, the original number is being displayed as outgoing number, so everytime in need to manually change this by the web browser.

This is ofcourse very annoying, it's a pity because the app is very nice when you quickly want to turn off / turn on call forwarding.

Could this be fixed in the near future you think?

Thanks a lot!