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rapid molding Mold expert information ( 3) _4663

11/04/2012, 04h41
International Mold Network ,rapid molding
Expert Information Names of experts Rong life philosophy Job Title is high Professional Information and Electronic Expert category Ph.D. Work unit Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Electrical Engineering Awards Received has presided over more than 20 research projects : the National Natural Science Foundation of Excellent Young Teachers Fund of Ministry of Education and the Doctoral Fund ; more than 60 papers in academic journals ; the Ministry of Education University Award for Young Teachers ; divided into three scientific research by the National natural Science Fourth Prize (1999, rank: 2), nominated by the Ministry of Education,rapid prototype, national Science and Technology Awards and Technology Progress Award (2003, rank: 2),industrial equipment design, the Ministry of Education, Science and technology progress Award (1992 ranking: 3). Provide technical services (limited to 500 words) a . Voltage electrical equipment status online detection device
the 2 . Silver based electrical contact materials
3 . Indoor air purifier
4 . Electrical testing techniques and instruments Mail < - Start time