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Multidomaine problem

17/12/2011, 19h07
Hey Guys and rebonjour,
It was not easy to arrange things and then it took some time to adjust to my shop.

Finally, after considerring all the options that OVH could offer, I installed my site at 02Switch, also a French host and settled in Clermont Ferrand. The site now works perfectly, except for some adjustments I still have to make.
The other four domains remain at OVH because I think that OVH is a good host. My only problem was that PERSO eventually proved too small to expand my site. I want the freedom to do what I want to do, whether I use the space.

Now, I have enough space on the subscription Perso.
I have to say that customer service is not so good at OVH. Yet they always answered me, but not always to my questions. And they are slow. It is exactly similar as in a supermarkets: : long queues at the checkout because the cashiers think that they are on vacation.( Or maybe they see the products for the first time?). But, I believe, that there is always hope for the future .

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a healthy, peaceful and successful 2012.

05/12/2011, 23h21
Le dernier message de moi. Donc j'ai trouve un autre hébergement (le nom n'est pas important maintenant) pour un domaine : et le support de OVH m'a dit en m'a confirmée le 29 de novembre que le temps pour changer sera 24-48 heures. Je pense 24 -48 heures chez OVH sont très loooooooong...........................

23/11/2011, 19h13
Bonjour Gaston_Phone,
Le probleme n'est plus maintenant sur mon cote. J'ai change le configuration. Mais le probleme existe. J'ai lu - dans le Forum Prestashop et quelque autre sites - que il ya plus de gens qui ont les meme problemes avec Prestashop et OVH.
J'ai maintenant trois options::
changer le domain principal a Mais c'est beaucoup de travaille.
2) avec un autre PERSO abonnement (c'est facile)
3)changer a un autre herbergement (aussi un bon option)

Et avec un abonnement Perso de OVH je n'ai pas un extra database et comme vous avez dites le premier fois: Il etait donc un grande fault pour installer Prestashop avec OVH en One Click.
Aussi j'ai change beaucoup a Prestashop. (pas de prix, autre layout etc.)
J'ai trouve un autre herbergement pour lefournisseur. Je pense aussi que OVH pourrait considerer quelque bases supplementaire pour ses clients dans le abonnement Perso.
Je reste avec mon sites chez OVH jusque le fin de mon abonnement (julliet 2012) parce que lefournisseur etait le seul probleme avec OVH, mais le plus importante.
Merci pour votre reaction. Je l'apprecie beaucoup.

22/11/2011, 21h17
ok, vous avez raison. Je suis prématuré. Mais ce n'est pas facile. Chaque jour, je travaille sur le site.

Maintenant j'ai change le htaccess. Et maintenant je voi
J'ai un .htaccess in www et un htaccess en le subfolder: le fournisseur.
Je preferera (c'est bon: preferera ??)

22/11/2011, 19h16
Es-tu sûr que ce soit OVH qui soit en cause.
Je pense plutôt que le problème est de ton coté.
As-tu touché quelque chose sur ton site, le fichier index, le fichier .htaccess, etc.

22/11/2011, 19h04
je pense pour quitter OVH. Je suis maintenant avec OVH (perso) depuis de julliet 2011. J'ai un weblog installe avec OVH et Prestashop aussi installe par OVH. C'etait peut-etre le grande fault. Mon site est installe dans un subfolder avec Prestashop, mais impossible pour voir le site. Beaucoup de problemes et pas de solution. Au debut (un mois passe) le site etait visible tres bon sur Mais j'ai demande quelques questions a le support et a partir de ce moment le site n'etait pas visible pour mes clients. Maintenant ne funcionne rien. Je suis tres tres desolee de OVH.

18/11/2011, 23h19
I did a lot of work on this website. For me it looks very nice. Still I am thinking to remove it. But I do not know how and where to create an database. I am an artisan, and that makes computerwork difficult.
I have now sent during 3 weeks emails to OVH and everytime I get another answer of antoher person. Today I got the answer: we will do it for you, but it cost 100 euro.
And then, some time later: Sorry I was mistaken it cost 40 euro.
I started here because a little village, with no business, asked me. I bring people here from Holland that eat in restaurant, stay in hotels and invested everything I had.
I changed my host at the beginning of this year because some people told me OVH is good. Maybe, i am in doubt now. But I don't like that kind of treatment. First they give wrong advice, one time they waited 1 week before answering me and then they ask money.
I was content till three weeks ago. Merci pour votre reponse. I appreciate it.

18/11/2011, 21h51
Citation Envoyé par NicholasJ
Domain 12 is only visible under:
But not - and that is what I prefer - as
In domain12 I have a prestashop, installed by OVH. I am asking OVH for more than 3 weeks for a solution.
My other two websites in this multdomain function very well. Why doesn’t this one?
Could you apologyse my bad english!

So you did a big error to installed prestashop by (One Click) OVH.

My suggest (only if you did'nt work too much on this prestashop) :
  • Uninstall prestashop by (One Click) OVH
  • Download prestashop from
  • Upload prestashop onto your OVH host with FilleZilla
  • Create an database
  • Install prestashop with your Navigator (Ex. Firefox)

See also --> CMS - Prestashop - Correction / modification du dossier d’installation

18/11/2011, 21h13
Excusez moi que je écrire en anglais.

I explain (all the domains are registered at OVH):
Domain1 is my primary domain name and it functions well.
Let me call this domain:www.domain1.comI have three other domains (domain10; domain11; domain12) to host under the same offer of my primary domain. So I set up the Multi Domain option.

When I type or I get the right website.
Domain 12 is only visible under:
But not - and that is what I prefer - as
In domain12 I have a prestashop, installed by OVH. I am asking OVH for more than 3 weeks for a solution.
My other two websites in this multdomain function very well. Why doesn’t this one?

So that is my whole problem. I tried to read this forum in french , I live in France and have French sites, but it is still very difficult to read and understand the language. I hope there is some-one who can help me.