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Une casse-tête

Sébastien Ferry
21/02/2010, 03h13

it should already be available on all the shared hostings (including Pro) as Beluc said here in september 2009: Nouvelles fonctionnalités : Wildcard & php 5.3 (Google translated version).

Just go to the manager: Hosting / Subdomains and give * to the subdomain name.

21/02/2010, 01h19
You can use wildcard's for that, not really sure if it works with multidomain but I don't see why it shouldn't.

Put this in the DNS configuration:
* IN A server_ip
And in Apache configuration (.htaccess I suppose for shared hosting)
ServerAlias *

16/02/2010, 19h04
Bonjour à tous,

sorry for writing in English, I am just afraid my French is not good enough to express my question. And here is the biggest community of OVH users, so I cherish hope you can help me.

My question is: Is it possible for the hosting "Pro" to set up mask subdomain redirection so that any subdomain of a multidomain were redirected to the same folder? (In my case it's the same folder the main domain points to.)

Let's say, I have a main domain "" pointing to /www. I also have a multidomain, say, "", which also points to /www. So far so good. But now I want to have all subdomains of "" (i.e. * pointing to /www.

Let me explain why do I need it. I use Wordpress MU. So I don't need separate sofware for each site, be it a domain or a subdomain or even a 4th level domain etc. Instead I use one software for all domains and subdomains under my account. It's very effective. The provider I currently use, Mediatemple, has this possibility (without the need for me to install or set up anything — it just works). But Mediatemple is slow here in Europe. So I am testing OVH which is very quick, but unfortunately doesn't have this option already implemented.

So far I've managed to set up the mask redirection of the main domain's subdomains. But I didn't find in the Manager any option for the authomatic redirection of the subdomains of a multidomain which is not the main one. What I found is only manual redirection (a subdomain is set up as a new multidomain).

Hope it makes sense. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. You can write in French. Merci d'avance!