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Transit-IP offer

30/08/2008, 13h08
i think you should wait a few months before. ovh has peering in germany (i think is in frankfurt) and it can be vlan or whole internet (well, if you have full bgp...) - having peering usually means that they will be offering transit in a few months.

ps: my english sucks

29/08/2008, 11h01

sorry for posting in english, my french is lower than low-level

I have some questions regarding your transit-ip offer. Your french support pointed me to your german support, the german support answered that ovh germany is not offering this kind of products.

First question: What is the transit-ip offer meaning? Is this an offer for a dedicated vlan between your european locations (only a point to point interconnection [but what is the "full-bgp" option then meaning on the offer site?]?)) or is this real transit bandwith with bgp full table for the whole internet?

We are interested in booking several vlans from frankfurt to other european locations of ovh as well as in buying full internet transit.

- Is it possible to book as a german company?

Ok, thanks for answering!