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23/11/2004, 16h57
En fait j'ai eut une réponse, avec un mail avec plein de questions ;-)

Afin que nous puissions accéder à votre requête, merci de remplir le
formulaire ci-dessous, en anglais, et de le renvoyer à l'adresse
suivante, presente en bas de ce meme questionnaire :

We appreciate your inquiry and understand that sometimes messages being
filtered to the Bulk Mail folder might be better delivered to the
As such, we have designed the following application process to help us
determine where your email is most appropriately delivered. We ask that
you provide responsive, complete, and truthful information. Please note
that by submitting this information to Yahoo!, you agree to adhere to
the Yahoo! Terms of Service (TOS). You may review the TOS by visiting:

In addition, this application process is not a guarantee for delivery
our users' Inbox. Do keep in mind that if Yahoo! is made aware of any
indication that your answers are false or inaccurate, we may, in our
sole discretion, take appropriate action, including but not limited to
directing email to the Bulk Mail folder and refusing to evaluate any
future questionnaire submissions for a period of six months.

To begin this application process, we would appreciate you taking the
time to provide us with the information requested below:

1. Do you rent, lease, buy or otherwise obtain email lists from
companies, individuals, organizations, or websites (other than those
own) that do not indicate that the customer will be subscribed to this
specific email list? If yes, do you explicitly send to the email
addresses on the acquired lists an opt-in email to your email lists? If
yes, please attach an example of this email.

2. How do you verify that the true owner of the email address that you
have obtained has subscribed to your list?

3. Do you offer list management services for other companies (i.e., as
an ASP)? If so, please provide us with your standards for accepting
clients' email lists.

4. Do you rent, lease, sell, or otherwise give email lists to other
companies, individuals, organizations, or affiliates that do not
notice to the email users that they will be subscribed to the buyer's
specific email list?

5. How frequently do you send mailings in a given month? If you are an
ASP, what is your average client mailing frequency over the past six

6. Please specify your policies pertaining to both soft and hard

a. Do you remove email addresses from your list if emails to them

b. How many bounced emails are required before you consider the email
address to be inactive and subject to removal from your list? (Please
provide answers to the way you handle both hard and soft bounces.)

1. After an email address reaches your bounce limit, how long (i.e.,
minutes, hours, etc.) does it typically take to remove the email
from your list?

7. If a user unsubscribes from your email list, how long (i.e.,
hours, etc.) does it typically take to remove the email address from
your list?

8. If a user unsubscribes from your email list, what happens to that
email address in your database?

9. Please copy and paste (as opposed to sending an attachment) a
text-only example of your most recent mailing with full headers,
preferably one that was delivered to the Bulk Mail folder.

10. Please provide the active IP address(es) you are currently using to
send your mailings. (Note: At this time, we can only consider currently
active mail servers/IPs for possible addition to the whitelist.)

11. Are these IP addresses dedicated solely for your company's
If not, please specify which IP addresses are used only by your

12. Are you planning on utilizing DomainKeys
( to authenticate your mailings?
so, when do you plan to fully implement and use DomainKeys?

13. Please provide the "From" address(es) in the mailings you send.

14. Please provide the URL of your web site.

15. Please provide the URL of your Privacy Policy.

16. Please provide the URL of the site at which users opt-in to receive
your mailings.

17. Finally, please provide the following contact information:
* Company name and postal address
* Key contacts: Names, email addresses, phone numbers, titles
* A contact email address that we can reach you for important service
announcements. Ideally, this email address would not go to a specific
person, but instead go to a position.

Please send your answers to:

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Due to security purposes, our custom messaging
system is unable to access attachments. As such, as opposed to sending
an attachment, we will need you to copy and paste a text-only copy of
any sample email that you are providing us.

Je vous tiens au courant


21/11/2004, 00h17
Si Skynet ne filtre pas le port 5025, tu peux utiliser le SMTP d'OVH sur ce port, de la même façon que sur le 25.

20/11/2004, 00h20

Il est possible que Yahoo aie "blacklistée" ton e-mail ou plus simplement le serveur avec lequel tu tentes d'envoyer l'e-mail.

Je ne sais pas de quelle région tu es, mais en Belgique, j'ai le même problème.

Notre fai principal est "Skynet". Depuis peu, ils ont fermé le port 25, ce qui fait que pour envoyer un e-mail, on est obligé d'utiliser leurs serveurs Le problème est que Yahoo a blacklisté ce serveur ! Donc pas moyen d'envoyer des e-mails de Skynet vers Yahoo, et ça dure depuis des mois.

Peut-être ton cas se rapproche-t-il du mien ?

15/11/2004, 14h33

Tous les mails que j'envoie chez sont bloqués ??? !!!

Est ce que vous auriez une solution ou un contact pour comprendre pourquoi ça bloque

Merci d'avance