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config SMTP : doesn't work with my

03/05/2007, 18h46
Your internet provider has blocked port number 25 for SMTP outgoing e-mails. They try to force you to use their own smtp server to control spam, thus detering you from connecting to
The solution is simple: tell Eudora to connect to your smtp server through port numer 587 or 5025.

03/05/2007, 07h47
I'm trying to use Eudora to read and answer my emails for mailbox
So far, reading emails using pop3 server is ok, but I have a problem when trying to send an email although I've followed the guide as
I have a doubt : am I allowed to use as SMTP server or will the server reject the connection because I'm not connected with an IP adresse of OVH ?

Error message is :
, Connecting to the Mail Server... [08:34:49 AM]
Error reading from network Cause: connection aborted due to timeout or other failure (10053)

Config for Eudora is (refer to :

Real name :
Eric Loriaux

Email address :

Mail server (incoming) :

User name :

SMTP Server (Outgoing) :

As in the guide, the Allow_authentication is not checked.