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payment server

05/03/2007, 19h40
Domain name:
Product name: sd.loc.start100m
Expiration date: 2007-02-30 13:29:31)
Date of your payment: 1/03/2007 12.15.45
order number: 2727659

05/03/2007, 19h26
Domain name:
Product name (60GP, 90Plan, ...):
Expiration date:
Date of your payment:

Please, use simple words and simple sentences. Your automatic translation in english ids so bad, noone can understand the meaning of your problem.
Note: I am not an employee of OVH, just a simple user like you.

05/03/2007, 18h16
please help me ovh staff please responde

05/03/2007, 17h11
hello to all to me it is expired the serveur therefore I have paid it for being able to renew it but second the ovh he is not therefore I I have repaid it newly but still they say that I have not paid also I have sent the numbers of the orders as I can make me are for chiudereil serveur although I have paid. give a cosiglio to me. thanks