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custum kernel for superplan 2007 L+

12/12/2006, 14h21
hello everybody,

i just ordered one of the new superplan 2007 L+ servers with core2duo cpu and need to compile a custom kernel because some options in the ovh kernels don't fit my needs. since yesterday afternoon i had to reinstall the machine several times because i am not able to produce a working kernel...

for older servers some searching on did the trick, but i cannot find a suitable patched source.

it would be great if somebody could tell me wether an compilation attempt with the source from

was successful, and maybe give a short (really short ) explanation how to deal with the problem (maybe use initrd or not, ovh standard-kernels don't use initrd i think).

thanks in advance and sorry for writing in english,

edit: wrong forum... could a moderator please move the post to the dedicated server section? thank you...