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Domotz Box & OverTheBox

19/09/2016, 11h51
Bonjour à tous,

Je viens de recevoir ma Domotz Box Mais elle n'arrive pas à fonctionner sur mon réseau avec l'OverTheBox, j'ai besoins de votre aide

Merci beaucoup

Hi Bob,
from the picture I clearly see that the box is not getting an IP
Can you please check that :
- the box is correctly connected via ethernet
- there is a DHCP server
- DHCP server has not settings such as to allow only certain MAC addresses?

Hi Bob,

can you confirm that the box is currently connected to the Ethernet?

I see it registered to our provisioning network few days ago (on the 12 of September) but it is now not reachable from our provisioning tool.

Do you have any firewall configured on the network also for outgoing connections? In order to have the Domotz working properly, the following outgoing connections should be allowed: (port 443) (port 443) (port 10051) (port 5671) (ICMP),, (range: 32700 - 32849) - these are required for the Remote Connection functionality.

Also, since you are using our provided Domotz-Pi or Domotz-Box, the following services are used too (for automated upgrades of the packages): (ports 4505 e 4506) (port 11371)

Thanks for your patience,