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Help with SSL Certificate in my dedicated server

13/07/2016, 10h30
Another example : : valid certificats and enough 'how-tos' to read up until the end of your live time

13/07/2016, 07h54

OVH does not provides SSL certificates for dedicated servers.

You should install Lets Encrypt on your server (it's free).

You have so many How-to in english.

(search in google or other " lets encrpt + 'your OS name'" for example lets encrypt + debian 8 or Let's encrypt + Centos, you will found thousand How-to.

13/07/2016, 05h37
Hi everybody,

I don't know if I'm in the right place, I have a dedicated server in OVH , I've already have my domains and databases running, but now I need to proceed with the SSL Certificate , but I'm kind of lost in this subject.

The only thing I need is some orientation or some documentation to read, no matter if it's in french, I can read it, but for write its kind of difficult for me, so... sorry for the english .

Thanks, and I hope than you can help me.