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Is that normal? Good OVH support! ;-)

04/06/2016, 14h09
Hello, I ordered a new server for 200 euros, but once received, it was found out that the server is not working properly. I wrote to the support service, and get in the best case, one answer per day. The server receives a blue screen every time increases the load on the RAID - hard disks. I found problem, the screenshot below. I asked to replace server or fix, but I ignore Support! But still i got nothing..
Why do you treat your customers, then just give me back my money and I'm more to you do not come back, I will find a service that respects its customers and appreciate their time.

2	2016-06-02, 23:18:20	Controller ID:  0   Single-bit ECC error; critical threshold
    exceeded:   ECAR  
    =   532503360  , ELOG   =   73728      , ( Src: Data Bits lane bitmap=0001, bank bitmap=00, elog 12000)

3	11  seconds from reboot	Controller ID:  0   Multi-bit ECC error:   ECAR  
    =   1015481344  , ELOG   =   4096      , ( )

It so simple to replace broken components or entire server....