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OVH STOLE my server!! Caution with OVH!!
18/05/2016, 13h09
I received this email:

OVH Abuse
Para Hoy a las 10:57

▶ curl --silent hxxp : / /descargarwasapgratis [.] me/ | grep -c -i whatsapp

We have no choices but to suspend your service as per our terms of use.


The OVH Abuse team.

This is my reply:


- First: The domain not have the keyword "whatsapp" or any registered trademark.
- Second: The or domain is not registered in OVH.
- Third: The domain is not hosted in OVH, this website is hosted in Holland with the enterprise Hostkey, his IP is

This website is not down because all the time this website was in other server.

Please, go up my server inmediately.