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The network of server down many times

17/01/2016, 12h18
I rent 6 servers MC-32 at OVH until now and no problem happen. But I just had a order a new server MC-32 ten days ago.
I try to run esxi, proxmox and windows server 2012 hyper-v, it meet the problem that when I install any virtual machine, server down immediately (can't connect to it if I don't restart it). I don't know the reason I try one more again with proxmox and I see that the network of server is time out when virtual machine run.

I contact OVH support team many times. You just give me the guide to instal virtual and not solve the problem I need. I sure no problem at installing because I have expericence to run many servers until now.

You also request me to prove the server have problem network or hardware. So you is allowed to connect to my server and try install esxi and virtual machine. I sure the server down

Now, I would like to solve the problem finishly or change another server.