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My vps is disable ssh smtp http dns

13/09/2015, 17h56
ok you're welcome if you get again into problems. Just make your best to describe precisely what happens (or does not happen)

13/09/2015, 17h18
I'm very sorry all of you about my complain at this time. I'm just using vps install plesk to run my website, I don't know much about server, don't do anything else. So i'm too angry when it happend. Besides, my vps is running again after many time reboot although i don't know clearly why does it happend. I'm going to search google to find the way to know that error and backup - reinstall all vps. After all, thanks all of you above and once again very sorry about my poor knowleged and my attitude.

13/09/2015, 12h11
If you are competent enough, please supply enough information that allows us to help you. The forum is a community of customers like you, but when you complain "it does not work" without useful info, you are not welcome here.

Or just sit and whine.

If you are not competent enough, you have violated the Terms of Use and breached the contract.

13/09/2015, 09h52
asking news password ssh?
verify our ip server if your server is connected the internet
see mod rescu and verify if havent problem and maybe restart completly (mod normal)

12/09/2015, 22h44
identification?? what you mean? I sumbited a ticket to support. Service is inform in ovh manage. Now i can't connect vps in SSH. So how can't i fix it. I look like is shutdown.

12/09/2015, 22h34
OVH exploits about 350 000 VPS servers (probably more).
Someone is gonna check yours.
It might take some years to do so, before they find it.
(without identification, NO ONE can find your VPS)

Btw : "services" are software issues. Software is 100 % YOUR responsibility, except if you hired some one to look after them.

12/09/2015, 22h00
Dear, I don't what happend why my vps is disabled all sercvice? Someone can tell me what happend??? And very sorry using english in France forum but I'm using France vps.
Thanks for your help