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HA with proxmox running on 2 different servers ?

07/08/2015, 13h34
Thank you for the tip

05/08/2015, 03h00
I have had good replies on Proxmox forums

Basically, yes HA can be achieved with different servers, needing at least 3 (2 main for running containers in redondancy and a smaller one for referee)

20/07/2015, 23h11
Hello ! (je n'ai pas fait attention au fait que le forum est francophone, on peut me répondre en francais !)

For the last (many) few years, I have been using kimsufi servers to manage some small websites.

Last year I installed Proxmox and played a bit with hosting websites on containers: I love it

I feel ready to go a step beyond and setup a 'sleep well' solution involving one main Soyoustart server and one Kimsufi for backup/failover/HA

After quite exhausting web hunting, it seems that a good solution could be using proxmox on 2 nodes servers using DRDB.

1 - Would anyone know if it can be done using 2 nodes on different servers running the same linux ?
or do I need to have the exact same hardware as well ? I am ready to order, but can't afford to misplace it !

2 - I see a new version of proxmox 4 is including HA features, should I better install that version ?

3 - Obviously, I am completely open to any other possibilities to have my servers running by themselves through incidents

Thanks for reading !