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Account Validation mh55093-ovh

22/07/2015, 08h29
Dear customer,

Let met tell you that your nic handle is now activated.
You just have to make the payment for this order.


21/07/2015, 15h00
Dear customer,

Let me precise to you that if check the order you had placed, you will see some documents we needed.

Did you send us this documents ?


15/07/2015, 18h33
I have created my account on OVH France.
I just called OVH France support but I am highly disappointed since there was no proper support given to me. Took 10 mins to explain what my exact issue is and then he transferred my call to commercial support where no one picked up my call. Called 2 times again but worst support by OVH.
Looks like I have to find an OVH alternative soon since OVH doesn't really care about customer urgency.

15/07/2015, 12h10
Citation Envoyé par fritz2cat
Why is your request more urgent than all the other customers ones ?
Probably because the actual server time out on J+1 - so server copying has to take place today ... last delay.
[ which is ofcourse a big no-go - server shifting takes place during a week or so, IF you have BOTH server - shorter periodes == DANGER ]

Anyway this is a 99,99 % user-to-user forum - these kind of messages are just a waste of time .....

15/07/2015, 10h57
This is a French forum.
Why is your request more urgent than all the other customers ones ?

For really urgent needs, use the cloud services (hoping that your identity can be already trusted).
The set up of a server takes just seconds. It rocks !

15/07/2015, 08h37
Guys, Pls validate my account urgently

14/07/2015, 17h05

July 14 == national holiday in France.
Btw : this is a French forum ....

14/07/2015, 16h21

NIC --> mh55093-ovh
I need to buy dedicated server urgently since I have to shift my existing website. Kindly validate my account on top most priority. I have already sent all documents and proof in email.
Looking forward for urgent action.