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Details ddos attacks

09/06/2015, 16h03
Yes, we rent a server at OVH.
VAC included. But it does not help and does not always work.

09/06/2015, 15h32

Well, I guess its time for you to learn about tools like 'wireshark'.
Have it filtering all packets that look like a ddos-packet. This means of course: you (as a person) should know everything about what dddos really is.
Bad news: the technical subject is huge ...

A better solution is: do nothing, sit it out. You have an OVH server (right ?) so their ddos protection will somewhat protect your server.

Edit : regarde aussi ici :

09/06/2015, 15h22
Hello.On the server recorded attacks 500-700 pps.
How to learn the source of the attack and the type of attack?
Are there any opportunities manager or api?