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KVM over SP dedicated server ?

20/02/2015, 07h37
Confirmed, thank you.

19/02/2015, 10h49

You must search IPMI and not kvm.
In the new manager GUI, thaht's easy to find it.

Good luck

19/02/2015, 00h24
Hi I need to install the OS from ISO on a dedicated server, type: SP-64 - 64G E5-1620v2 SoftRAID 2 x 2 TB

I see on the documentation here:
that I should be able to find it on manager v3, but I'm unable to find it, same on the new manager GUI.

I've tried to search 'kvm' with the search box here on the forum but it returns:
Désolé - aucun résultat. Veuillez essayer avec une autre requête.

Anyway, is there a free or paid way to get a KVM on a dedicated SP server ?

Thanks for supporting.