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SP-128 Raid Setup for best IO | Space Ratio

08/02/2015, 22h30

What do you need as IO and space on your SP-128 ?
What is the minimum you need or you must have ?

I think a good option to have lot of IO with SSD and good disk space is :
2x 2To SATA3 6Gbps + 2x 240Go SSD Intel S3500 SATA3 6Gbps for 40,00€ /mois
You can have the same with raid soft for 25,00€ /mois

Good luck

08/02/2015, 16h01
I have a group of friends that want some VPS for various reasons. Some have Minecraft servers, some want to run CS, some have clan sites they want to run on a VM etc.

Since I am the only one that has any inkling of Linux knowledge I am chosen to get it setup. I will be splitting up a SP-128 from OVH with Virtualizor.

I normally just grab a server and run it in raid 5. But in this case straight SSD does not offer enough space and normal drives do not give enough IO.

So which Caching setup from OVH on the SP-128 offers the best IO/Space ratio?