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my account suspend and not response

05/01/2015, 09h58
according to [TICKET#2014122919038252] your account mg81452-ovh
ovh staff after 2 year say me that my validation docs is fake and after several send again . they say me that only utility bill is fake !!!
that is very very funny and they suspended all my server and i lost all user and credit in own business and now my customer want " server setupfees + ip setupfees and last month payment of servers " and i ovh must refund all it because my account suspended with any reall resoan and after 2 years that i was your customer . ( they igrone my email and not answer me on email )

please help me for solve it . this work of ovh staff not trust

sorry for bad english

30/12/2014, 13h17
Hello for all
yesterday i recieve email from email and they say that some my account infrmation not correct and need valid docs.
quickly i send docs replay same email and attached docs but 2 dedicated servers expired and i want renew these and now mu account suspended,
after 24h ovh ot response me. how can contact with ovh for solve quickly this problem ! i work with several datacenter and ovh of these and down time is very important for my business .

please help me . and if ovh staff is here please answer me about it.
if this will be take along time than only open renew options and payment methods for me unit i do payment of servers.